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Tomato Swedish Dish Cloth
Tomato Swedish Dish Cloth

Tomato Swedish Dish Cloth

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Our original tomato design is now available on Swedish dishcloths! 

Unfamiliar with Swedish DishCloths? They are a wonderful Eco-friendly cloth for washing dishes, cleaning up spills, and general use where you would use a sponge or dish cloth. Some of the benefits of Swedish DishCloths: 

  • Sustainable, Reusable, Biodegradable, Compostable

  • Blend of 70% Wood Pulp cellulose and 30% Cotton Fiber

  • Absorbs up to 3/4 Cups liquid per cloth

  • Dishwasher Durable up to 200 Cycles

  • Can be Bleached, Boiled or Microwaved to Sanitize